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Find love and companionship right here!
BigChurch.com is the best site for faith based connections. Create a profile and match up with people in your area or browse other profiles and make a connection of your own. With more than a million members all around the world, wherever you go on faith, you can find someone to believe with.

Christian Singles
Join us at singles.org where over 40,000 members build relationships and friendships. Browse the more than 1,000 member photos and use the automatic matching guide to take some of the guesswork out of dating!

The Christian Caf�
Christiancafe.com is the most comprehensive Christian based relationship site on the web. Read our profiles, and testimonies and you�ll see why. If you�re looking for a person of faith to share your life with, look no further than us!

Catholic Mingle
Find fun and friendship with other Catholic singles online. Great for Catholics who are looking for a relationship with someone who shares their faith, Catholic Mingle is a fast-growing place to find friends, companionship, or that special someone of the same faith. Fresh design and great features, including chat, IM, send smiles, eCards, email, message boards, and more!

Christian Mingle
Christian singles wishing to find compatible partners with a strong faith in Christ love Christian Singles Mingle. Made up of faithful lovers of God in Christ, this site is ideal for striking up a wholesome friendship that can lead to a long future of love and worship in the Lord. Fresh design and great features, including chat, IM, send smiles, eCards, email, message boards, and more!

Catholic singles dating paradise
The best and easiest catholic friends and singles dating club in the world.

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