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Outstanding testimonials and statistics are quite a draw when you visit 8minutedating.com! For a fast and entertaining experience with other people who are interested in finding the right person with which to begin a relationship, 8minutedating.com couldn’t be a better place to start.

The process of finding an event near you is quite simple. When you visit 8minutedating.com, you simply choose your country, city and state, begin your search and you will be shown your matches. You can look for events in the United States, Canada, Australia, China, New Zealand, Ireland, England and South Africa.

When you find an event you would like to attend, fill out the very simple registration form and you are set! If you have trouble finding an event that can suit your needs, consider signing up to receive email updates to notify you of future events that might better fit your schedule.

When you participate in an 8minutedating.com event, you know exactly what your experience will be like. You will meet eight different singles for 8 minutes each. That’s it! If you find someone you would like to see more of and they indicate that they are interested as well, you will be provided with their contact information so that you can arrange a one on one date. 8minutedating.com guarantees that you will meet someone who sparks your interest or your next event will be free.

8minutedating.com boast that over 98 percent of their customers report having enjoyed their events while over 90 percent say they met someone they had the desire to meet again. Only 60 percent of the time the interest is reciprocated and leads to a second date, but those numbers are far more impressive when compared to the years and hours spent at clubs and bars without success!

Speed dating appeals to so many singles due to the tired bar scene and their exceptionally busy lifestyles. Unfortunately, all speed-dating events are not created equal, but 8minutedating.com has advanced beyond much of the competition with their fun and organized events. Whether it’s your first time or you are giving speed dating one last try, 8minutedating.com couldn’t be a better service to enjoy.

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