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Nothing spectacular about datematch.com. As soon as you land on the account, you have to fill out a form with email and passwords, and then you have to go to your email and activate the account.

There are a little over 118,000 members, which is somewhat smaller than other sites, but that certainly is a lot of people to choose from when you’re looking for one.

There’s an interesting feature called “Who’s On” that lets you view what members are browsing at the same time you are and the ability to instant message them right then and there.

The address book feature lets you save profile names so you can easily connect with those you deem worthy. A more advanced feature of the address book is the Hot List feature. If you find someone you think you really could have a connection with, you can store them in your Match List and when you click on it, you’ll know if they’re on line or not.

You can do a search or advanced search for someone but neither one are too intense which may or may not be a good thing depending on how much info you need before you consider someone a possibility.

In the FAQ there was a question about a feature called invisible list, but no answer to the question. Unless, of course, they take invisible quite literally.

They also have two men and two women listed as the “males and females” of the week, but when I clicked on their profiles, I got nothing.

It’s a simple, no-frills site with a basic free membership. There’s only one paid option and that’s a monthly fee of $19.95 USD automatically billed to your credit card for a premium membership, and therein lies the flaw. There’s nothing on the site that talks about a freebie upgrade. I filled out the basic membership form and found myself graded a premium member with complete access without paying a cent. I scoured the terms and conditions to make sure I didn’t give them access to anything without knowing it, and I didn’t. I went to the FAQ page for cancel information and followed it, but didn’t have a cancel option the way they said I would.

The copyright on the site suggests they’re a new site, and if you google them, they have a tagline that say they’re the premiere dating site, but I think they have a little ways to go before they should even consider making that claim.


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