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Dreammates.com has over three million members as part of the Relationship Exchange Network and describes itself as the web’s favorite meeting place.

You won’t be able to get at any of the features unless you sign on for the basic membership which gives you browsing rights, access to telling someone you’re interested, but not being able to respond to someone who finds you interesting. You’ll be able to create a profile and post a photo for free, you can read the advice columns, and the success stories.

For a premium membership, ($19.95 for a monthly, 3 months for $49.95, 6/$69.95 12/$99.95 all USD) you have the ability to send Personalized messages, free instant messenger, Superior Matching, and Maximum Exposure with Priority Customer Care. In other words, when you pay, you will receive a more detailed way to match person to person, your profile will be sent to more members, and they will respond more quickly to customer care issues than they will to basic subscribers.

The site has three different communities: Dating – for those who just want to hang out. Relationships – for those who are serious about going long term, and Intimate, for those looking for private and/or sexual encounters.

I filled out a short personality and preference form and I was able to put a short blurb about me- about 100 characters, and 100 for what I was looking for. it said I have 200 matches with varying degrees of compatibility which means some of the things I put I liked to do are some of the things they like to do and they had some of the traits I said I was looking for in a match. The smallest degree of compatibility was in the low 70’s and I had a few at 100%. Some of the profiles made me cringe, some made me laugh out loud. It’s just like being at an office Christmas party.

Dreammates.com delivers what it says it will and it has the success stories to back it up, and while the site doesn’t deliver a visual punch or a particularly exciting presentation, beauty in a website, as in a true relationship, is in the eye of the beholder.


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