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Yahoo personals are easy to use, the site is uncluttered, easy on the eyes, and the sales pitch is mild compared to others. You can browse at will, but if you want to send an email, you’ll have to buy a subscription and create a yahoo id:

1 month for $19.95
3 months for $42.95
12 months for $89.95

You can create a new profile and browse profiles for free and the membership includes contacting someone through Yahoo instant messenger.

Unlike other sites where you’re allowed to send only an icon to an interested party without having to pay, Yahoo has what’s called an icebreaker: a free, one-time message any profile creator can send to another profile creator to let them know they're interested. Recipients of Icebreakers can respond with a free, one-time reply. You do not need to be a subscriber to send or respond to Icebreakers, but you will need to subscribe if you want to continue communicating.

You can save your searches, and your profiles, you can match make for a friend or family member, and it has member participation special features that offer advice, humor, and success stories. There are tips to help you write a profile that attracts responses, as well as tips on what kind of photo to upload.

Yahoo Personals isn’t a hard sell, and that’s a refreshing change. It’s fun to navigate and see what people are about, the details given in the profile are medium depth, and ask about children, religion, hobbies and is more of the blind date kind instead of the one night stand variety. It’s an easy going, non-threatening site, and a nice introduction into online dating.


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