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Sign up for udate.com and you are taken to a screen that asks a myriad of questions about you, your habits, your politics and your drug use. It’s part of your profile; an extensive profile that also asks about your ability to cope with housework, whether you’re good at Do It Yourself projects, whether you think you’re sexy or have a lot of willpower. The Interests profiles gets down to whether you like McDonald’s or watching TV, and there’s a chance to write whatever you want (within decency standards) about yourself.

It’s an all-embracing profile and they take the answers to all your questions and provide you with a list of profiles that are compatible with yours. In other words, you can start making connections in under five minutes with people almost guaranteed to have a lot in common with you.

What I like about udate.com is the amount of information you give - it’s a lesson in knowing what you want and who you think you are. You can click on one of the names of a member they think you would find interesting and you can read their profiles, and also the things about your profile they like, and the things in your profile that doesn’t match their criteria. That’s kind of fun in a ‘I’m already rejected and I haven’t even met you’ sort of way.

The overall tone and questions they ask, makes this seem like a site for those who are looking for someone to spend more than just a few hours with. There’s a friends section where you can list folks you find interesting whether they’re your sexual preference or not, and you get a listing when they’re on line at the same time as you so you can speak.

If I were in the market for finding someone compatible quick, fast, and in a hurry, udate.com is my site. The questions they ask, the ease of navigation, and how they match you up with people from the very beginning are cool features that tell me they’re interested in making sure their members find good, strong connections.

The only problem I have with the site is it’s visual impact. The design isn’t very exciting I’m not sure it’s had an update since it’s inception. That’s too bad, someone should look into it. It’s such a kick-ass site, it’s deserves a kick-ass presence.

Membership in udate.com is free for the basic package – that will allow you to browse the site, but you cannot read or respond to mail or whispers (private chat between you and another member) unless you pay. Memberships start at $24.95 for one month, 3 months for $49.95 and 6 months for $74.95


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