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I starting browsing Oneandonly.com (One and Only) filled out the quick search form (I always change the information from dating site to dating site, just to see what I get) and the first ad I saw was a guy with the ad heading “Let’s mess up the bedsheets!”

Yeah, I’m gonna jump right in.

I don’t know why I don’t like One and Only, but I don’t. It navigates like someone put up a dating site because they knew it would get hits and is an easy way to earn money. There’s not much to the profile: age, location, height, race, body type, and if I liked children. For what I’m looking for: Man or Woman, Smoker or not, Dating or something more or less serious, Straight, Gay, Bi-sexual or bi-curious, or the coy “I don’t believe in labels”.

You can do a more detailed search which lets you select criteria of the person you’re looking for and that asks for Ethnicity or Heritage, Body type, Smoking preference, children, type of relationship looking for with the options of: dating and fun, platonic friend, picket fence and a house in the burbs, soulmate and pen pal, the aforementioned sexual preference. Gee, would you like to know if I’m married, what I enjoy doing, something second level?

It’s a little too bland in the information it seeks and the information it gives, if you want to respond and email someone you have to be a paying member, which is run of the mill for most of the services, but they at least let you send a little smiley face or something, One and Only…nothing.

And for the nothing you get, they are one of the most expensive sites: $25 for one month and $150 for a year and here’s a bonus for those living in Texas – you get to pay tax on the membership price! I looked in the FAQ section to see exactly what one gets for the price, and I didn’t see a question regarding the benefits of membership other than being able to respond to an ad. For the price, you’d think they have a game or article or something. Even their About One and Only page is skimpy on information – there’s absolutely nothing on it about the corporation or how many members it has. Only the promise that I will meet more people, get more dates, and have more fun. Well, that much I believe – I will meet more people, get more dates, and have more fun – by going to another site.


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