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Match.com is more than just a website that helps people in finding each other. Match.com is a family of sites that also includes MatchLive.com that offers off line and in sight events for singles to meet and mingle. Match Mobile-which turns your wireless phone into a matchmaking machine by letting you send and receive messages from potential meets. Matchtravel.com which is like MatchLive but involves trips and not just social events And Matchinternational.com so you can find someone in more than 240 countries on six continents.

Boasting a membership roll numbering in the millions since their start in 1995, match.com wants you to believe you need never be dateless again!

As soon as you sign onto Match.com you can begin to search or you can take all kinds of quizzes or the personality matching test. (I admit I took the quiz and it asked interesting questions about what I thought of myself and traits I was looking for in a partner.) after the test is completed, they will give you an analysis of who you are, your dating style, the kind of guy you are attracted to, and those attracted to you. For each analysis point, the survey will ask you to rate whether the analysis is right, wrong, or mostly right.

The quizzes aren’t always romance related or geared towards women. There’s one to test your professional football knowledge, the all about Elvis quiz, and one to tell you what kind of dog suits you best.

Also on the home page (which is very easy on the eye, I must say) you can start your search by telling the computer is you’re a male looking for another male or a female, and of course, the same options for women. You put in the age range of the person you want and then add your zip code, hit enter, and you’re on your way to seeing who’s out there.

You can also click over to advice articles to help you find a date for Valentine’s Day to telling you what pick up lines not to use.

Here’s a funny little thing about this site. If you click on the search button, you are directed to a page where you fill out specific information on the type of person you’re looking for. If you say you’re married, and looking to date, the system will shoot back a response saying dating is open only to single folks, but before you can say ‘prudes’, the next line say, ‘but you can find friends!’ So, married folks can still hook up for some behind the scenes action, but match.com has covered themselves by saying the section is just for finding friends.

It’s really easy to join match.com by asking very few non-invasive questions before being able to search and to send an icon called a wink to someone you find interesting. Joining is free and that gives you most of the benefits available on the site, but you will need to subscribe to send or reply to a message. Subscriptions start from $10.95 USD per month billed for 6 months to $24.95 USD for a single month.


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