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Having trouble meeting people? 4 places you might not have thought of
by : Kimberly Webb

Perhaps you have tried bars and clubs but there are quite a few places that you may not have tried yet. Have a look at some of the favorites…

1.Dog park- There is no better ice breaker than a cute, playful puppy. So when the weather turns nice, get out there and take your dog for a walk. You will be amazed at all the other dog owners in your area, many of which will be single. For bonus points, teach your pooch a trick. My favorite is fetch. If you see someone that interests you, “accidentally” toss the ball in their general direction. It will send Fido running, and hopefully he will bring back more than just the ball. If you are without a furry companion, offer to dog sit for a friend or family member. It will produce the same effect and she will think you are sweet for dog sitting.

2.Coffee shop- You go there everyday, so why would you not be on the lookout for someone that interests you. Having a love for a particular coffee shop can be a powerful thing, so take notice of your surroundings. Don’t be afraid to offer to buy her a latte, it will start a conversation and get things rolling. The most important thing is be present! Do NOT sit behind your laptop, oblivious to the world around you. Smile and talk to others in the coffee shop.

3.Local college- You may have already graduated but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a class at your local college. Most will offer non-traditional classes such as painting or pottery. So pick a class that interests you and sign up. It’s a great way to meet friends and potential partners. If you find someone that catches your eye, ask if you can study together or borrow their notes, it’s a great ice breaker.

4.Gas station- I know several couples that have made a connection while pumping gas. Everyone with a car has to get gas, so why not consider the gas station when looking for a date. During your morning commute when you go inside for your coffee and donut, take note of those around you. Chances are, it’s the same group of people that where there yesterday. So look up, make eye contact, and smile. You never know who you might meet. The plus side of meeting someone at a gas station is that you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of car they drive.

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