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How your Mind Affects your Dating
by : Jennifer Aitken

It is not a secret that many people experience anxious and fearful feelings before taking that first step in dating, the first date. The key to dating is to do the opposite of what your mind tells you.

This is the one rule that needs to be followed in order to enjoy any type of dating experience you may ever have. Your mind will tell you to be nervous, to act a certain way, dress a certain way, or even talk a certain way. When the actual key to dating is to do the opposite of this.

Be yourself, don’t change a single thing. By changing yourself, you are presenting a false identity of yourself, this is how failure in relationships begin. You can not make a real connection with anyone when you are not being yourself. You are merely building a relationship on false identities. Setting yourself up for disaster. By taking this first step, your anxious feelings and fear of disaster disappear instantly, and are replaced with feelings of excitement and happiness.

This is how your first date should be. This is what relationships are built on, honesty and happiness. There are thousands of dating tips available to you, but if you do not take this one first, then the rest are useless to you. Be yourself, it’s the key to your happiness!

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