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Making a stellar first impression
by : Jill Dellamalva

It’s the big night. You’ve paid your $25, and you’re about to face a crowded room of singles who, like yourself, are looking for love. You’ll get to go on seven-minute Speed Dates with ten of them, and hopefully leave with a phone number or two.


Wait one minute. We’re going to turn that “hopefully” into an “absolutely”. You are going to absolutely leave the Speed Dating session tonight with some phone numbers.

“But how?” you ask.

With a few little tips, that’s how. Listen up.


No matter how you look at it, the first minute of your seven minute date will be spent sizing each other up. Appearances may not mean everything in a relationship, but on Speed Dates they carry a lot of weight. If you’ve just met a girl, and your shirt clashes horribly with your pants, your hair is a mess, and your deodorant is not working properly and you’ve got big sweat marks under your arms, chances are she’ll write you off in that very first minute. She’ll be sitting there praying for the seven minutes – which now seem like an eternity in hell – to please end.

To avoid this scenario, take some time before your Speed Dating session to pick out some clothes that impress. As the saying goes: “Dress for success.” Wear something that looks neat and put together. Keeping it simple is usually best. (Wild clothing and hair styles should be saved for punk rock Speed Dating sessions.) You want to stand out in the crowd, but not in a negative way. Oh, and make sure that those clothes are properly ironed!

Also make sure your hair is neatly groomed, your breath is fresh, and your deodorant is working. Some cologne or perfume (for the girls) in moderation never hurts – but don’t take a bath in it. Basically, if you look good, you’ll feel good. Your date will sense that, and your chances of having a high mark on his or her scorecard will be greater.


If appearance isn’t everything, then attitude certainly is.

Attitude is important in both personality and in body language. For example, don’t slouch when sitting across from your date. Sit tall and confident. A confident person is desirable; they know what they want and go after it. Don’t bite your nails, crack your knuckles, or yawn. It’s ok to be a little nervous, but don’t let your nerves dominate the date. In the end, your date will remember cringing as you bit the skin off of your thumb.

Most importantly, go on the date with a smile and a sense of humor. Let your date see that you’re having fun. If you radiate a sense of fun, humor, and happiness, your date will be attracted to that and want to see you again. Make eye contact, and show your date that he or she has your complete attention. Make them feel like they are the only person in that crowded room. You may want to give your date a compliment, but make sure it’s just one. Overdoing the compliments will make you look insincere. Really, how many times can you compliment a person you’ve only known for a few minutes?

And remember: never, ever insult anyone or make fun of anything during your date. You don’t know the type of person your date is, and it could be that you somehow end up insulting them. Politics, religion, race, and other sensitive topics should be avoided at all costs. This is a date, remember – not a debate.

If you happen to be a shy person, and feel uncomfortable making small talk with a stranger, keep in mind that to your date, you can be just about anyone. They don’t have to know you are shaking in your shoes. Have confidence. If you are that worried about what to talk about with your date, have some topics planned in advance of going. But don’t make it sound like you’re reading them off of a list. Let your conversation sound natural.

If anything is going to win your date over in the end, it’s simplicity, politeness, sincerity, and a smile.

Speed Dating is simplified dating. Don’t complicate it.

With that said, good luck. Now go out there and get those phone numbers!


Copyright 2005. All rights reserved

Jill Dellamalva writes for Singles Dating 247 . com
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