A penis, something that men are always very sensitive about. In fact, it’s even a mortal sin to ask someone how long their penis is or even looking at it inside the urinal. You don’t want to be like Lil Dicky you know. What you should know about men is that the penis is their pride, because of what women often say “the bigger the better” and this is the main reason why men are doing the best that they can to increase the size of their penis in both girth and height.

The most common way is pills and surgery and that’s fine, except the pills industry is actually an overly saturated market that has a good mix of good products, bad product, products that don’t work and fakes. What makes it more dangerous in buying pills is that since it’s for penis enlargement pills its not advertised on television, and even if you’re a seasoned online shopper, the fact that you lack reference to identify the good, the bad, the useless ones and the fakes, buying one is already a risk on its own and you would have to have faith when buying it. This can also be said with surgery since making it bigger through surgical means is risky, in fact all surgeries are risky because it opens up your skin and makes you more prone to infection and so on.

There is another way: The fact is, not all penis enlargements can come in pills or surgery, there’s actually a natural way to do it, you just don’t know what it is yet. It’s not highly publicized but it actually works. The thing about it is that it’s not for everybody, but if you’re curious about it, might as well try it, especially if it doesn’t require you to ingest something or get an incision. 

natural penis enlargement methods

The pros with all natural: So the big question now is “how to make your penis bigger without pills?” the answer? (drum rolls please!) A penis bible, yup you read it, right folks! There is actually a thing called a penis bible and it’s your saving grace in getting your penis longer and wider. So what does it contain and why is it possible? Well… the body is actually a very flexible and resilient machine. It evolves and adjusts to your needs and your penis isn’t an exception to that. Basically, the penis bible contains age-old techniques that have been used for many years now and if you’re a skeptic to pills but you tried them anyway only to find out that they don’t work, there’s no reason why you should try the penis bible.

The cons with all natural: The cons about natural penis enlargement methods is that it’s a long road, you won’t get success overnight just like what these pills are promising you and any herbal medicine out there. You have to put in the work, you need to be dedicated and you need to commit. It’s going to be challenging but if it means avoiding surgery and avoid getting scammed with various penis enlargement product, this is the best alternative for that.

Most men will not tell you but they do want their penis to grow. It’s a very embarrassing conversation even with fellow men that even if some are in dire need of help, that they don’t bother because of embarrassment that they need help with the penis size. Although there are various ways to increase its size like surgery and pills, these things are dangerous that in a sense. Surgery will always be risky and pills have a ton of hype, not all work, some are even worse and might even be life-threatening. If you want a safer and highly effective way that is discreet, try the penis bible.