When most people think of a mail order bride, they picture an immigrant who does not speak English. They envision a woman who must be subservient to her husband. The truth is actually quite different. A mail order bride can be independent, intelligent, know her own mind and speak flawless English.

Ukrainian Mail Order Brides

This is the story of a Ukrainian girl who grew up in Dnipropetrovsk. Although her parents were doctors, this did not make them rich. She lived in a small apartment with her parents. Her country declared their independence when she was eight. There was no money and the crime rate was high. Men dominated society and her father believed her purpose was to find a husband. She did well in school and earned a cultural exchange scholarship in 2000. She lived on a farm in New York with her host family during her junior college year.

The Trip to America

She learned about freedom of speech, diversity, American television, food and how to really smile. She knew she wanted to be a United States citizen. She applied to renew her visa and began working on campus. Her visa was denied and she was forced to go back to Ukraine. Her incredible experience was now a memory. She decided to advertise herself on a marriage broker website. Finding a husband in this manner was part of her culture. She created her online profile, but her pictures were reserved. She was offended by the majority of the male profiles.

The Ideal Profile

story of a Ukrainian girl

She eventually saw a profile she felt stood out. The man was an art collector and a music producer from New York City. She sent him a message with some basic information and received a reply immediately. She learned he had been married before and was interested in a serious commitment. They talked online, sent emails back and forth and she decided she wanted to meet him. He flew to Ukraine two months after they first met. They met at the airport, and the moment she saw him it felt right. As they talked, her anxiety began to disappear.

The Attraction

The attraction was there and they started taking romantic trips together. They talked openly and honestly. She received an email after he returned home saying he wanted to marry her. She knew the proposal was genuine and said yes immediately. It took months to handle the paperwork from the Ukrainian government and the agency. He made several trips to Kiev to get her a visa. He spent $20,000 on expenses including travel, visa fees and agency charges. She felt guilty because they did not know each other very well. He never made her feel like he bought her.

The Success Story

She felt as though her life had turned into an exciting adventure. During this period of time, they were in touch constantly. They eventually had a simple wedding at City Hall. Her success story began when they started their new life together in New York City. Ukrainian mail order brides can and do find happily ever after.